E-commerce Store Closing

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As of May 2nd, the website at http://www.meggiemaeaprons.com will be closed. Although still under construction at this time, you will be able to conveniently and safely purchase aprons through our blog.

Thank you for your continuted business!



Happy Birthday Party I!

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I had company this past weekend, family actually. We have started a new tradition. Twice a year we get together to have a birthday celebration. In April we celebrate all the birthdays in January-June, and in August we celebrate July-December. Notice that both of our parties are in the summer-we like summer. Of course there aren’t any gifts, or candles, or birthday signs, it’s really just an excuse to get together!

We sent several e-mails back and forth while deciding on what to bring to this bi-annual event. Here is the run-down of our festive dinner party.

The Bi-Annual Birthday Party Menu

Blue Hostess Apron

Blue Hostess Apron

Appetizers: Ceviche and Guac with Chips

Marinated and Grilled Beef and Chicken

Avocado-Rice Salad

Black Bean and Quinoa salad

Mediterranean Penne Pasta Salad


Bannana Pudding

Grandmother’s Famous Cheesecake

Six-Layer Coconut Cake with Passion Fruit Filling

We also had some guests bring some amazing homemade tamales and some grilled stuffed jalapenos-Oh so good!

Notice we’re as strong on the desserts as we are on the saladsJ. The cooking is done by all of us (women, that is), because we enjoy cooking together. The Black Bean-Quinoa Salad, as well as the Coconut Cake, are from Food and Wine Magazine. These are just some of our favorite salads and desserts. Yes, we had lots to eat; but what’s a celebration without your favorite food?

Happy Birthday to those in party I!


Decisions, Decisions

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My daughter, Meghan, knows where my heart is. She knows I love to bake, especially cakes. Oh yeah, and especially chocolate too! Meghan sent me this link to bonappetit.com, so now I am contemplating which cake I am going to bake. O.K., so I’ve decided to bake all of the, but now in what order. Hmmmmm.

Take a look and see which one you like best. If you decided to bake one of these cakes, let me know how it turns out!


Don’t forget your Meggie Mae Apron for your summer parties!

Oh Sweet Cinnamon Rolls!

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What a wonderful spring we have been having here in the Texas hill country! I have been looking forward to the ripe fruits and vegetables that should be on their way! We have a strawberry farm a few miles away, and I’m looking forward to getting out there in the next week or so to pick some ripe, juicy berries. I’m contemplating whether I am going to share my favorite Strawberry Pie recipe with you-I know, Selfish Me! I’m sure I’m not the only one who withholds secret family recipes, or am I??? Anyway, more on that in the next week or two.

Yummy and Sticky!

This past week I baked up some made from scratch sweet cinnamon rolls-Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls to be exact. The recipe was from Bon Appétit-one of my favorite sites.  I’m not one for using yeast and letting things rise, just not that patient. So to my surprise (and the joy of my family), I found myself making these rolls. I guess the pictures tempted me. They were actually much easier that I had imagined, and from the way they turned out, I will definitely be making more for guests and special occasions. Next time I will add more of the cinnamon filling (they never add enough in my opinion). I will also try freezing them before they rise so that I can have them ready for company.

The special thing about these cinnamon rolls is that they contain potatoes! Being the finicky eater that he is, my husband cringed at the thought of it; he just hasn’t heard of potato bread and the like. I’m positive the creamy, buttery potatoes were the reason for the light, smooth, airy texture of these rolls. The icing was also very easy, but again, not enough for my liking-I made two batches.

Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls

So on a day when you’re wanting to bake, and wanting your family to praise your cooking ability, or you’re trying to impress you breakfast guests, try these delicious rolls and let me know how you like them!

(Note to my sisters: Yes, I will include you on the guest list!)


Needing a hostess gift? A Meggie Mae Apron makes a great gift!

Happy Easter!

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I hope you have a joyful Easter!

He is risen!

He is risen!


Fast, Easy, Hot Out Of The Oven

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Several weeks ago (on my birthday weekend) my husband took me to The Bluebonnet Café for breakfast. If you have never been to The Bluebonnet in Marble Falls, Texas read the full article at www.roamingthehills.wordpress.com

This week I made some Irish Soda Bread. I know, I’m a little slow at getting around to baking it. I should have made it St. Patrick’s Day as planned. Oh well! So I started to make some Irish Soda Bread with a recipe from Simply Recipes. I made a few changes, and now call it my Irish American Bread! First, I substituted ½ of the flour (2 cups) for whole wheat flour. After about 35 minutes, I had to cover the bread in foil and cook it an additional 10 minutes or so. The whole wheat makes the bread a little denser, but I expected that. Second, I used craisins instead of raisins. My son and I enjoyed the bread hot right out of the oven. YUM!  The creamy butter we added melted over the top of the piping hot bread and the craisins added a little sweetness. This was soooo fast and easy! This would be wonderful accompanying a pot of soup.You can find the recipe here http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/irish_soda_bread/

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread

Remember Meggie Mae Aprons when you’re looking for your next bridal or house warming gift.

May the luck o’the Irish be with ya in all your baking!


Springtime Lessons

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As I sit here on my porch this wet March morning, I think back on my beekeeping days and how I always miss my little buzzing friends this time of year-when any day now spring wildflowers and local peach trees are going to burst into color. This is an article I wrote several years back for The Texas Beekeepers Association Journal.

Springtime Lessons

As I sit on my porch swing and watch the dawning of a beautiful spring morning, I marvel at the variety and intricacy of God’s creation. I hear the birds sing, listen to squirrels chatter, and watch the bees buzzing busily from flower to flower. The sweetly distinct smell of honey in my morning cup of tea brings my thoughts to my hives. It is still too early in the year to work my hives, yet the anticipation is there. I pick up my beekeeper’s catalogue on the end table and flip through the pages. In hopes of the coming honey flow, I try to calculate all I will need to manipulate this tiniest of creatures. I wonder why it is that I have such a fascination with this insect, and then it dawns on me. When I look into the workings of a hive, I am in awe of God’s creativity, and I see lessons that God would have me learn.

As the bees go about their daily routine, there is never a grumble as to whom is to do what. Each one knows his (or should I say her) job and performs it to the best of her ability. Happy to keep house, take care of little ones, or provide the groceries, there is never a complaint or a feeling that her job is too menial. She cleans and keeps house with such vigor that any maid service would be put to shame. She is always protective of her family, and they always come first. Disturb her babies, and she is a mother you don’t want to tangle with! Through out her day, she is busy moving from one task to the next, and her movements are swift and filled with purpose. All the while, she is happily humming a melody, which soothes the listener and puts all around her at ease. It is a peaceful, happy sound that is contagious to those around her. It is the sound of joy at performing a task to your best ability. It is a song we have all hummed at one time or another, and maybe we should do so as often as she does.

I’m to the bottom of my teacup, and my thoughts are brought back to more pressing matters. I think of the loads of laundry to fold and the kids to attend to. I set my cup down alongside my catalogue. As I rise to go into the house, I seem to have a lightness and purpose to my step, and a hum is heard playing softly on my lip.

Enjoy the day!


Past posts on cooking with honey: http://wp.me/pANRc-23

Celebrating With Family and Friends

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What a great weekend! It was my birthday so we decided to celebrate with family and friends. Did I mention it was all weekend? It all started Friday night with my sister and her husband. (No, back up, it started Thursday night when my daughter surprised me by coming home from college early! yay!) They came over and we cooked the Tomatillo Chicken Stew along with the Green Chile Cornbread from Simply Recipes. Oh so good-definitely will be one of my favorites from now on. I had a friend who made the stew, but she wasn’t quite as pleased with the stew. Suggestions-I used about 8 skinless chicken thighs. I think this made the stew much tastier and the chicken tender. Also, the pictures on the site show cutting the chicken into large pieces, I cut mine into bite size. I used a jar of Central Market Green Chile Salsa Verde since I was pressed for time.  When cooking the onions, I let them become light brown. If you try the recipe, let me know how it works for you.

The Green Chili Cornbread was so delish! I made a little oops! when I grabbed two cans of diced mild green chilies, but to my surprise one can was diced jalapenos! I had to fish the japs out of the batter, retrieving as many as possible. I like hot, but I was feeding company-I didn’t want to ignite them! Oh yeah, and don’t forget to drain them. I had to bake my cornbread an extra 15 minutes, yet it still turned out yummy. I know, so many mistakes on my part-I have a hard time multitasking while visiting and laughing with guests-all part of the fun!

More on the rest of my birthday eating adventure next week!



Aprons, Recipes, and Gardening in the Hill Country

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Last week I made the Italian Pot Roast from the Simply Recipes web site. Oh so comforting! This week I plan on making the Chicken and Apples in Honey Mustard Sauce as well as the Tomatillo Chicken Stew. I’ll be sure to let you know which one was my favorite 🙂

I also enjoyed making some yummy little treats from Baking Bites. The Coconut Lime Crumble Bars were oh sooooo good! I’m tempted by anything with lemon or lime, and with the addition of coconut well, they just absolutely beckon spring!

From my back porch I hear the birds chirping and see some of the trees budding.  I’m very excited about getting out and working in the yard. My Meggie Mae Apron really comes in handy when I’m gardening. My favorite to wear while working in the yard is the ‘bistro reversible apron’ because of the deep pockets which hold my pruning shears and seed packets, as well as the short length which allows me to stoop and bend without letting the apron touch the ground. And of course it is ‘reversible!’

The 'Bistro Reversible Apron'

The 'Bistro Reversible Apron'

I hope to have more herbs this year, as I was very happy with my little plot from last year, but there are so many beautiful, fragrant varieties that you can never have enough. Oh, and did I mention most herbs are deer proof? You have to consider that above all else when growing in the Texas Hill Country!


I Love Spring!

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Today I’m headed to the fabric store. I’m so excited to look at Spring colors and patterns! Walking into a fabric store for me is like a child in a candy store. I like to touch everything, and I can’t make up my mind on what I like best-so I try them all! Can’t wait to design new aprons and get them listed for you to see. I’m hoping to do some spring cleaning (I know, it’s only February) by redesigning my website as well.

Try wearing a stylish new Meggie Mae Apron –it just might help you get a jump on your spring cleaning too!

I love Spring!!

The 'Margaret' Apron

The 'Margaret' Apron


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