The Throwdown

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So it was a Throwdown between Meghan and Rachel vs Michael and Chase. While the girls were displaying their culinary skills, the families oohhed and ahhed over each dish, and the boys had heard enough. Yes, Meghan and Rachel are fabulous cooks, but the boys wanted everyone to know they weren’t too shabby in the kitchen either, and that they could whip up more than just oatmeal. Needless to say, the girls, with a little (make that a lot) of smack talk and bravado, took the challenge.047

So the following Sunday afternoon was scheduled for the throwdown. The boys poured over cooking books, made a special trip into Austin to Whole Foods, and began planning days in advance.

Needless to say, the planning payed off. The meal was such a huge hit, I would have to say it was one of the most enjoyable meals I have ever experienced! From the preparation, to the presentation, to the exceptional taste of the dish (not to mention doing it on a budget), I can’t think of anything they didn’t do right. They kept the table cleared, eloquently described each dish, and even served dessert along with a special coffee menu they wrote themselves! Did I mention the edible fruit centerpiece?

WOW! Great job boys! If you ever want to join your sister Rachel and Meghan in the culinary industry, you’re sure to be a hit. Then again, one day when you’re married your future wife will be just as pleased (I know your mother was)!

Thank you for the delightful dinner!
Did I mention the Iron Chef Cook Off is planned for December?


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