The Sonoma Diet-Why I Like It!

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The Sonoma Diet, written by Dr. Connie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D, has been around a while-since 1995 to be exact, so many of you are familiar with it. Just this past January, after deciding to improve my healthy eating (or lack of), I purchased The Sonoma Diet book.
After being on the plan more than 6 months, I’d have to say it is no diet at all! This is just healthy eating, pure and simple. For someone looking to loose weight, this seems the logical course. For someone looking to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into their diet, this is it. For someone needing more simple, easy and flavorful recipes, here you go. I have tried almost all the recipes, and find them all to be simple and tasty.

The book is listed as a “Diet” book because yes, you can loose weight. It also takes you through a series of “Waves” in which you are allowed to eat only food from certain categories. This is so you will loose the habits and desires you have for processed foods, refined flours, and sugars. If your goal is to eat healthy and/or to loose weight, this is just logical.

Another aspect of the Sonoma “Diet” would be the plate/portion size. For example, it calls for a dinner plate no larger than 9 inches. Also, you are to fill your plate with a certain portion of proteins, grains, and vegetables. The book goes on to discuss the pros of eating whole grains, the right kind of dietary fat, and which proteins are best. For someone just starting out on a journey to healthy eating, this is a good starting place.

Another aspect of the Sonoma diet is that yes, you will be cooking more. It takes planning and time. It takes time to look through the book and decide what recipes I want to try. I have to plan my grocery store trips with a well thought out meal plan and item list. I have to get up a little earlier in order to pack my lunch. When there is a ball game or meeting to attend, I have to prepare in advance and make decisions for my family and their health. If you are the one in your family who prepares the meals, your family’s health also rests on your shoulders. In our family, it is my responsibility to see that my children know good eating habits. No longer do I send my son off to school with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chips and a coke (what was I thinking?!). The Sonoma diet actually has some great recipes for wraps and sandwiches, and looking through the book just makes it easier to remember that yes, there are alternatives.

Something I found refreshing is this – Your grocery basket will take on a new look. No longer will you have a basket filled with processed foods such as cookies, white bread, canned vegetables or boxed cereals. The majority of your grocery bill will come from the produce section. Your choice of protein might contain a little more seafood. Where once my family consumed a lot of milk and cereal that is now cut in half. Where we once consumed regular pasta, we are now transitioning into whole grain pasta (in my family this appears harder for some than others). We eat lots of fresh, grainy bread dipped in olive oil (oh so yummy!). I have experimented with using more herbs and actually growing my own. I have found it fun to experiment with the recipes, deciding which ones worked for me, and which ones didn’t.

Changing the eating habits of my family and myself has not been easy-it has been a slow process, one which is still evolving. Has it been worth the time and effort put into every eating decision? Yes! Trying new foods, experimenting with herbs and spices, and educating myself about the importance of nutrition have all been well worth it! It is less difficult now, since choosing fresh ingredients seems to come second nature. My family seems to appreciate it -we enjoy the time spent together at the table, and we are acquiring a love for truly good, fresh, tasty foods, and our overall health is improving (including our waistlines). For those of you wanting to loose weight, or others who just want to eat healthier, the Sonoma Diet seems to work. With its sensible, educational approach to eating, The Sonoma Diet Book gives you a good boost in the right direction.


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