Traditions-Connecting With The Past And The Future

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Thanksgiving is almost here. I’m sure you’re in full swing thinking of the holiday and planning for guests. Or maybe you will be someone’s guest! Either way, plans are being made to shower one another with blessings of laughter, memories, and fellowship as we gather around a table that has been prepared with love and tradition.

At our home, all the women gather in the kitchen to plan and cook, laugh and cook, and laugh some more. We love the time shared in the kitchen and it’s the one place we all share fond memories of Thanksgivings past. The smell of coffee wafts through the air and we start planning our menu. Everyone’s family has his or her favorite dish and so we make sure no one’s favorite is forgotten. After all, each item is tradition and breaking it, according to all the grandkids, is a serious offense that their Grandmother, while she were living, would never allow! So true to tradition, whether 2 or 20 of us gathered together, we make sure not even the mysterious green jello salad is left out.

I’m sure there are traditions in your home as well; they are a connection with the past and a way of continuing our connection with one another into the future. It’s an opportunity to share stories and create new ones. Growing up, you probably enjoyed traditions during your childhood and have now carried them over into your own family. So whether it’s baking a certain dish, reaching out to the needy, or preparing for loved ones to arrive, celebrate the holiday with traditions carried out with love, never to be forgotten. Cherish the old traditions and remember to start new ones as well.

Happy Thanksgiving and may praising God be a tradition in all your homes!


P.S.-And while you’re baking, remember your Meggie Mae Apron-it’s a tradition!


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