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I’m not by any means giving up baking. I love baked goods of all kinds. I love to look at the artistic ability of professional and non-professional chefs alike. I am amazed at the beauty they can create in the kitchen to delight our sense of sight, smell, and taste. Food –especially baked goods-are such an enjoyment; they represent the celebration of heritage and festivities in cultures throughout the world, and that’s wonderful to be a part of!

So this 21 day resolution of giving up sugar and processed flour can’t be over quick enough. This is my 4th day of my so-called “diet.” I thought the first day was very easy, but by day three the biscotti I had deliberately hidden in the back of the freezer was calling my name. My morning cup o’joe wasn’t quite as satisfying without the sugar, but by the end of the week I think I will be accustomed to the new taste. The best part of the week was that I found some great healthy recipes!

Spaghetti Squash with Pine Nuts and Tarragon

Day one I prepared Bean Soup that you buy in the dried bean section of the grocery store (can’t remember the brand.) I prepared it according to directions, except instead of pork sausage I used chicken sausage with spinach and it was healthy, very tasty, economical, easy, and makes enough for you to freeze leftovers.

My favorite find of the week was Spaghetti Squash.  I came across a recipe in Food and Wine Magazine, and since I had never made this type of squash, I thought I’d give it a try. This was such a healthy, easy and bright side dish! I really enjoyed it and had a lot left over for lunch the next day. Here is the recipe- . I made a few adjustments of my own: 3 squash is waaay to many- used 1. I didn’t have white wine vinegar-I had red wine vinegar. I didn’t have fresh tarragon-I had dried and I mixed in a small amount according to taste. I didn’t have queso fresco so I used crumbled feta cheese. Since I wasn’t using the recommended 3 squash, I thought I would have lots of dressing left over, but I ended up using it all-you might use less according to your taste.

The 'Julia' Apron

The 'Julia' Apron

Healthy Cooking!


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