No, Meggie Mae is not a real person. The name is derived from the two women
who have inspired me the most-my daughter Meghan and my mother whose middle
name was Mae. I get my passion for cooking from my daughter. From my mother
I received my love of vintage aprons and skill as a seamstress.

When my mother passed away, I received her vintage aprons. Taking her aprons,
I cut patterns from the originals, sometimes adding my own touch here and there.
Many are cut from designer fabrics, giving a trendy look to a vintage design. Hand
crafting makes each garment unique and is of artisan quality.

I love wearing them around the house. Whether I’m in the kitchen, gardening or
even sewing, I always wear an apron, which brings back fond memories of my mother
as she did likewise caring for family and warmly entertaining friends. The aprons
make me feel stylish and comfortable, as well as adding a feminine touch to my usual
attire of jeans and t-shirt.

I hope you enjoy wearing your Meggie Mae Aprons as much as I enjoy making them!

Meghan in the "Lori" apron

The "Lori" apron

Karin Cantlon-Owner/Designer




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  1. Karin,
    Thank you for sharing your new enterprise with me and the pictures of Meghan in the product; very nice. I really enjoyed your reminiscing about the State Fair, it brings back good memories.
    Can you suggest something nice from your product line, Maggie Mae Aprons, that would go well or be indicative of beekeeping that I could purchase as an auction item for the Honey Queen Auction this year in Tyler. This will provide me a quality item to put in the acution and let me brag on my beekeeping friend’s unique business. Jimmie and Kay

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