Aprons, Recipes, and Gardening in the Hill Country

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Last week I made the Italian Pot Roast from the Simply Recipes web site. Oh so comforting! This week I plan on making the Chicken and Apples in Honey Mustard Sauce as well as the Tomatillo Chicken Stew. I’ll be sure to let you know which one was my favorite 🙂

I also enjoyed making some yummy little treats from Baking Bites. The Coconut Lime Crumble Bars were oh sooooo good! I’m tempted by anything with lemon or lime, and with the addition of coconut well, they just absolutely beckon spring!

From my back porch I hear the birds chirping and see some of the trees budding.  I’m very excited about getting out and working in the yard. My Meggie Mae Apron really comes in handy when I’m gardening. My favorite to wear while working in the yard is the ‘bistro reversible apron’ because of the deep pockets which hold my pruning shears and seed packets, as well as the short length which allows me to stoop and bend without letting the apron touch the ground. And of course it is ‘reversible!’

The 'Bistro Reversible Apron'

The 'Bistro Reversible Apron'

I hope to have more herbs this year, as I was very happy with my little plot from last year, but there are so many beautiful, fragrant varieties that you can never have enough. Oh, and did I mention most herbs are deer proof? You have to consider that above all else when growing in the Texas Hill Country!



Free Shipping on Meggie Mae Apron Orders!

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Enter code ‘ship5’ at checkout to receive free shipping on your entire order. This offer will expire on March 4th 2010, so don’t delay!  Meggie Mae Aprons make perfect birthday, hostess, or bridal/shower gifts.  We also offer gift wrapping for your convenience.

The 'Blue Hostess' Apron

The 'Blue Hostess' Apron

Best Dessert of the Year?

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You all know I love to bake. I’ve been baking non-stop since Halloween! My first attempt at a recipe for the New Year appears on this month’s front cover of Food and Wine Magazine. It was named the dessert of the year-Butterscotch Sticky Buns.  In my opinion, sticky buns are not a dessert-they are like a pastry served at breakfast. So really, I don’t feel like this should have been named “Dessert” of the year, but who’s complaining?? Anyway, they looked so yummy staring at me from the front cover, I had to grab an apron and start bake them.

I’d have to say, they turned out very pretty, and the irresistible icing drizzled perfectly into all the folds of the little buns and absorbed into the bottom oh so right. But the downside was my dough turned out a little dense-probably had something to do with the yeast and temperature of the milk (I think it was too warm). Served hot, right out of the oven-oh who could resist?  Overall, I’d say the first treat of the New Year was delicious! But best dessert of the year? That will need some testing. I’ll let you know in December how it holds up.

Happy Baking!

Butterscotch Sticky Buns


New Meggie Mae Apron Designs!

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They are finally here-The new Meggie Mae Apron designs I’ve been dieing to make available to you! It has been such a joy working on this collection of aprons. I hope you find one or two you like best. The fabric colors are rich and vibrant and paired with classic lines and detailing of vintage patterns these aprons are sure to be heirlooms handed down to your daughters! Meggie Mae Aprons are not simply aprons, they are handmade creations you’re sure to appreciate. The exquisite detailing and trendy designer fabrics make these aprons perfect for holiday gift giving. So enjoy browsing our new collection and share us with your friends by clicking on the ‘Share This’ icon to your right. We’d love to keep you updated through Facebook or Twitter!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find on the website!


Fall Blessings,


Aprons For Today’s Fashionable Chef!

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Press Release-August 2009

Meggie Mae Aprons is an online boutique, which provides handcrafted, artisan quality aprons that are very unique. Although many of the aprons are vintage inspired, these aprons are designed to be trendy and fashionable for today’s modern hostess. Meggie Mae Aprons are cut from designer fabrics and sewn with a quality that is apparent. A Meggie Mae Apron is sure to please any hostess or aspiring chef in your life and make an excellent gift for a birthday, bridal shower or just to say ‘thank you’!

Meggie Mae Aprons are the inspiration of Karin Cantlon. Karin’s inspiration and her love of cooking comes from her daughter, Meghan, who is a Nutrition Major at Texas Tech University. From her mother, whose middle name was Mae, she received her expertise as a seamstress.

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking as well as the fine arts, and designing aprons allows me to do both. The look and feel of textiles combined with family time in the kitchen gives me inspiration-it’s what I love.”

The love shows in every apron she creates. Each apron is made at the time of order, never mass-produced. Once a fabric is no longer available, or Karin tires of it, a new design appears.

“Because I like to create, new fabrics and designs come out often. I try to introduce new ones each season-at least that is my goal.”

Having an apron to brighten up each season or special occasion is ideal, and with these fashionable designs you’ll look very chic as you entertain guests or just go about your daily activities in the home!

“I like designing aprons for the modern cook. Although I love the attributes of vintage designs, I know the chef of today not only cooks great, but looks great as well. That’s why some of my designs are best worn slightly below the waist and are somewhat form fitting, while others have less gathering and more pleats-very flattering to any figure.”

You can purchase a Meggie Mae Apron by visiting www.meggiemaeaprons.com. Also, you can leave a comment on your favorite apron, no purchase necessary.
Add Meggie Mae Aprons as a Facebook friend where you can view more photos and designs, receive recipes and reviews at www.meggiemaeaprons.wordpress.com, or follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MeggieMaeAprons

Meggie Mae Aprons

Meggie Mae Aprons

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